Foundations of Classical Mechanics PDF


Foundations of Classical Mechanics PDF

Foundations of Classical Mechanics PDF

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Foundations of Classical Mechanics PDF



  • Authors: by P. C. Deshmukh
  • Format: PDF
  • Paperback: 450 pages 
  • Publisher: Cambridge University Press (12 Dec. 2019)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 110848056X
  • ISBN-13:  978-1108480567
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Written in easily accessible language, the book provides a modern perspective of classical mechanics. Mathematical rigour is intertwined with lucid narration that will generate confidence in students to assimilate and apply fundamental principles of physics. The commonalities and differences of Newton's, Lagrange's and Hamilton's equations are explained in detail. Free, damped, driven oscillators and resonances are analysed systematically. The text extensively covers concepts of fluid mechanics, special theory of relativity, general theory of relativity and Lorentz transformations. The theories of gravitational field, fractals and chaos, Maxwell's laws of electrodynamics, and Einstein's theory of relativity are expanded from the first principle. The text is supported by practice problem sets to help students check their understanding of the concepts.


'… Deshmukh provides a rigorous yet accessible introduction to classical mechanics that is suitable for first- or second-year physics and engineering students.' Robert B. Scott, Physics Today

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